Human pollution has reached Mars: a NASA robot found trash on its flight

The NASA persevere rover It found debris on Mars for the first time since it arrived on the Red Planet in February 2021, two kilometers from where it landed. Existence It happened last Tuesday.

“My team discovered something unexpected”pointed out The official account of perseverance on Twitter. “It’s a piece of the thermal blanket,” he reveals below and adds: “We think it may have come out during my descent phase, which was carried out by a jet pack, a year ago, in 2021.”

Below the illustration you can see the image of the blanket – which has the function of insulating the robot from high temperatures – between two stones. After explaining what it was and what was going on, The NASA-run profile admits that “it’s surprising to be able to find this kind of material hanging out there.”

“The place where I landed is no more than two kilometers from the site where the space debris was found.”keeps the unknown and leaves it open: “Did this piece get here soon after I landed, or did it just fly away? “

In a recent post, Perseverance provides more detail on the discovered thermal blanket: “Part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) team that wrapped me in thermal blankets. They think like dressmakers. They work with sewing machines and other tools to fuse these unique materials together.”

This discovery was not the first of its kind in 2022. The first happened last April, when a robot from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shared an image of the Red Planet’s surface, captured with the MastCam-Z camera.

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quickly, Netizens realized that the photo contained an umbrella. Although NASA has not confirmed what it was and how it got there, it is assumed that it was another substance that came out of the robot as it reached the planet.

The rover captured the remnants of a parachute on April 6 on the surface of Mars

After only one month, Another photo again caused a stir and debate on social networks. In this particular case, the Curiosity craft released a framework for what appeared to be there A door to Mars. NASA identified the image as part of the “Sol 3466” series.

“It’s a shot Very, very, very bloated from a small slit On a rock,” NASA explained to BBC Mundo. Besides, he determined that “terrain fractures can naturally form this type of fissure. In this case, vertical fracture It intersects with layers or layers until you form this kind of cut.”

The "Gate" On Mars
The gateway to MarsContainer

In this vein, the British geologist Neil Hodgson, who studied the formations of the terrain of Mars, preserved Although it is a “strange picture”, it is not mysterious. “In short, it seems to me natural corrosion,” he installed it just as the space agency did and shut it down: “It is not at all uncommon to see him”.

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