How to send photos on WhatsApp without losing quality


There are many users who do not know this Pictures can be sent The WhatsApp At high resolution (or without loss of sharpness). Compression can be beneficial in most cases, but it has a downside. Suppose you want to share best quality multimedia files in a WhatsApp group, how will you do that? Have you ever wondered how to increase the quality of WhatsApp images when you share them?

WhatsApp automatically reduces image clarity to reduce file size. Finally, all the photos you took during vacation will look great as if they were taken with a portable 2MP camera. Also, Posted by e-mail These large files are not easy or convenient for the average user of Internet.

So the question is Is there a way to send uncompressed photos on WhatsApp? The answer is yes because you can. In addition to Many different ways.

Method 1: Send the original image via WhatsApp by changing the name

– Open any file browser and change the name of the image to send from image.jpg (or .png or .jpeg) to image.pdf or image.doc.

– The browser may display a warning message after changing the name. You have to ignore it and move on.

– Now the selected image is converted to a file pdf / doc. You can easily attach this file as a document and send it to the recipient.

– The recipient should now be asked to change their name image.pdf to image.jpg using file explorer.

Method 2: Create multiple ZIP images

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– This is useful when You have multiple photos to send. The recipient does not have to rename every file if you use this compression method.

– For this method, you have to open a file File manager or other third-party compression tool Compress an entire folder of images to send.

– Currently Attach this ZIP As a document or you have to share directly from the file manager.

The receiver must decompress the other end.

– The The image size will not be reduced So the clarity will remain the same.

Method 3: Attach directly as a document in WhatsApp

– This method is very simple. All you have to do is open WhatsApp and Enter the recipient profile.

– Choose now Attach it as a document File Explorer will open.

– From there choose Browse other documents And load a folder of images from the list.

– this is The entire folder will be downloaded directly Like a document.

– Images will be sent without any kind of pressure.

Method 4: Cloud upload and link sharing

– Yes good This method is not always recommended, It works very well in some special cases.

– To upload photos to the cloud, you must You have an account with any cloud storage service, how google driveAnd the drop box or others.

– So first you need to use the cloud mobile app (or website) for Upload the image to the server.

– User will get a file Share link. You must copy it and send this link to the recipient.

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– If the photos are sensitive and private, Make sure to take appropriate security measures when creating links.

– You can also configure the access request functionality to view/edit files if you are using Google Drive.

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