How to restore an iPhone from a Windows or Mac computer

iPhone restore process is easier than it looks and here we will show you step by step with notes for each one.

Restoring an iPhone is a simple procedure.

he iPhone is a devicefrom the first ignition, always It is optimized and ready to be used. but, Over time this improvement is reduced to the point of needing restoration. For example, iPhone is running out of space or in some updates, iPhone doesn’t end up starting up properly. He is for some problems or for maintenance Recurring, today we will let you know iPhone restore process using a computer Whether it’s macOS or Windows.

Factors to consider before restoring an iPhone

You must consider whether this is the right decision since then Restoring your iPhone installs the latest official version available on iOS. next to All information on the device is completely deletedOf course, you can choose between making a backup or manually selecting files to save important information.

To be able to restore the iPhone, you must deactivate “Find my iPhone”-Make sure you have a good amount of battery to avoid interruptions in the process. Also don’t forget You have a good internet connection Since it will download the latest version of the operating system. finally, The connection with the Lightning cable must be stable. Making sure that the cable is in good shape is crucial to this procedure as it is very time consuming.

Settings find my iPhone

A setting that must be activated with Yes or Yes on any iPhone

Now let’s see two different ways to restore iPhone via Windows or Mac computer.

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The difference occurs when the iOS file is downloaded

There is only one procedure to restore iPhone however You can save some time if you choose to download iOS file in ipsw format. From experience I was able to verify this Apple update server tends to have slight intermittent Which results in a longer waiting time while downloading. When I had to perform emergency restores for friends or relatives, I downloaded files from

Both methods are valid only It takes into account the Apple server factor and Internet connection. Another important point is to see if the device is usable or not. In case you are not able to use it then you need to enter it into recovery mode. Now let’s start restoring.

recovery mode on iphone

recovery mode on iphone

Restore iPhone from computer

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer. If the iPhone is activated, you must confirm that you trust your computer to allow access.
  2. after check In Finder or iTunes (depending on your computer and macOS version) That iPhone is already connected. Click on your iPhone’s name.
  3. You will be able to see the main menu with important data such as capacity, serial number, and phone number(s). Click on “Restore iPhone”.
Restore iPhone from Mac

Restore iPhone from Mac

If you already have ipsw file, press Shift in Windows or Command in macOS And tap on “Restore iPhone”. select the downloaded file, Click Open and confirm Restore.

either way Apple will verify its servers That the downloaded copy (whether external or not) is the indicated one and then the restore process will start. To finish, you have to enter your Apple ID to activate the iPhone. The device will be like new.

Apple will verify that your iPhone is restored

Apple will verify that your iPhone is restored

Final notes to consider in restoration

The procedure may take some time because the restore file or ipsw file is about 7 GB. Said restore requires an internet connection because the iOS file is authenticated by Apple servers. In recovery mode, if you activate it, you necessarily need the intervention of the computer, be it Windows or Mac.

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If you have access to your iPhone, you have no problems turning it on and you have iCloud backup or you don’t have information loss problem, here we teach you how to restore iPhone from iPhone.

Restore iPhone backup

Restore iPhone backup

Is it a good idea to use backup? Personally, to restore the iPhone I’d rather do it from 0. It’s not positive in the long run to pull out the internal files or files that won’t do the iPhone anything. It is better to do a manual backup of pictures, files, or any content that matters on your computer or an external disk if you’re dealing with gigabytes of information.

If you have an essential app that you need to ensure a backup of, the important thing is that you can do so using iCloud. For example, WhatsApp allows chats to be copied over the Apple cloud. The best decision is to make yourself.

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