How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

To access this notification log, you must Go to the cell phone settings section and click on “Notification History”. All recent messages will appear there, even if they have been deleted “for everyone”.

When you enter the deleted message notification, the programming code will appear. From that block, the important line is the one that starts with the text “android.text” , followed by the deleted content.

It is also possible to use the path provided by information technology , inclusive Go directly to the “Settings” option in WhatsApp on Android and then click on “Notifications” and from there to “Advanced settings”.

The light at the end of this tunnel is the Notification History section, where you can see the messages that have been backed up on your phone. This resource self-destructs within 24 hours because after that time it also disappears from there.

If the deleted messages do not have a backup, it is possible that The person must download the Android app Chats. With this program, deleted conversations up to a year old can be read.

The application is downloaded to a computer, the recovery mode is selected, and then the cell phone is connected. Once the devices are joined The “Restore to PC” function is selected..

Another option, although it can be cumbersome, is to take advantage of the fact that WhatsApp has a backup and uninstall it from the phone. Then it comes to downloading it again from the official store.

When you log back into the cell phone, the program will try to install the latest version of the backup, which means deleted conversations, old conversations and everything will come back like a zombie.

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