How can you see WhatsApp statuses without being detected

Since 2016 WhatsApp statuses It begins to be a new means of communication. It’s only available for 24 hours and somehow competes with other platforms, from the same company Facebook and Instagram, where their stories also only last one day. This is it WhatsApp statuses them too stories.

As in the other a programWho visits our registered stories. Sometimes, there are many who want to see a file whatsapp status But they don’t want to leave their mark. But, there is always a trick so they don’t find out if you’ve seen the country or not.

To do this, you do not have to install third-party applications and files There are two very effective methods.

first choice

– Go to settings, open the upper right icon of the three vertical dots.

Find the Account section and then enter Privacy.

– At the bottom you will see the option to delete read notifications.

This is used for several things, because by directly deactivating the blue double check, no one will know when you have a message sent to you, or when you have seen a contact’s status. But, just as they won’t be able to tell if you’ve read it, you won’t be able to tell if your contact has read yours.

The problem is that once you activate the option again, WhatsApp will send notifications of “watched” that were pending and your contact will know that you have seen their status.

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Unless you wait one day: As a rule, your WhatsApp status disappears within 24 hours of being uploaded. If you wait that long, and the next day you turn on the read confirmation function again when your contact’s status is gone, the contact won’t know you saw it.

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the second choice

This consists of searching a bit in the folders that make up your device’s storage cell phone.

– Among the icons on your cell phone, I searched for an icon in the form of a folder called “My Files” or “File Explorer”

– Entered the internal phone memory partition

– You have searched for the WhatsApp folder among those shown to you. If for any reason you don’t see it, try inside the Media folder.

– When you are inside the WhatsApp folder in your cell phone memory, you will see several folders: images, voice notes, etc.

– I searched for the three dots drop down icon in the upper right corner to display the options menu.

– April Settings

– I looked for the option to show hidden files and activate it

– Go back to your WhatsApp folders and you will see new folders, including .Statuses

And ready! Inside this folder you will see all the photos, pictures or videos that your WhatsApp contacts have in their status. This way you will be able to watch them without opening WhatsApp, which will prevent sending visual notifications.

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The trick is exclusive to Android and only works with cases that are images or videos, not text.

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