Hong Kong weighs massive test for coronavirus | The omicron variant caused the number of infections in that country

A mandatory global test for COVID-19. This is what you bring Hong Kong for them 7.5 million people, at a time when alternatives are being sought in the rest of the world to modify epidemiological standards to reduce the number of tests. Politics respond to Big rise in cases in a crowded citywhere confinement is almost impossible to apply.

After registering only more 12,000 cases of Covid-19 virus in the first two years of the pandemicHong Kong is currently facing Exponential evolution of the virus linked to the Omicron . variant. More than 11,000 new cases were recorded on Friday alone, after 12,000 cases on Thursday, and the entire hospital system was overwhelmed within days.

“One of the measures that we are preparing, which we are preparing very seriously, is mandatory global testing,” said the chief executive of the China Special Zone. Carrie Lam.

It will be a test for 7.5 million people, which seems difficult to implement, but it is still It is a common practice in mainland China. The “no virus spread” policy is maintained, sometimes crippling entire cities for weeks.

Lam ruled out the possibility of confining Hong Kong, a measure that would be difficult to implement in a city with one of the highest population density in the world and where housing is often scarce and communal.

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