He parked his car poorly on purpose, pleaded for “mercy” and left an unexpected message on his windshield: “Justice”

In difficult moments, between rushing and racing, people sometimes show us the best in themselves, especially when they show solidarity in the face of adverse situations beyond our control. This is the story of a young Spanish woman who received help from someone she was not expecting while conducting a selective opposition. His cause was praised on the show morning From Cadena 100 from Spain.

The hero is called Christina Tororo and did not want to miss the opportunity to interfere with her story during the radio program, on a broadcast a few weeks ago, she sent her story. “In the main tests that day, we had to leave the car in the blue because everything was full: parking lots and hotelsIt started… We pay the ticket from 10 to 12.

The woman parked wrongly, left a message on the ticket and was forgivenunplash

What Cristina could not have imagined was that it would be so short for her to take the test and that It will be impossible for you to renew the ticket to avoid the fine. He continued with his story, “At the age of twelve we were in the middle of the exam and we could not go out or use the mobile phone so that we could renew it through the parking application.”

Before that an idea occurred to him, Without even imagining the unusual response he might get. Knowing that he had parked his car poorly, he decided to write down a piece of paper and put it in his car. “I disagree and cannot use the mobile phone or go out to renew the ticket. sympathizeRead the note he put on the windshield.

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So, after I come back exhausted after the test, Christina remotely saw the fine paper which I already expected. To his surprise, it was folded and folded. “I wish you justice. Good luck to whoever plays. Rejoice.” The person leaving the note also took the time to draw a smiley face and add a short but touching message signed by the “husband and father of the teachers.”

The woman parked wrongly, left a message on the ticket and was forgiven
The woman parked wrongly, left a message on the ticket and was forgiven100 . series

These details, at a time when she needed support and solidarity, piqued her interest, as did the people who heard her story and made it go viral. Also, they didn’t give him a ticket. “It gave us a huge rush of energy flowing,” he recalls.

The presenters of the program were also surprised and did not stop praising the authority’s position in this humanitarian aspect. He was allowed to put himself in Christina’s shoes due to his family ties. They said, “I’m so excited to hear from you.” Another concern about what he did on the test. In this vein, the teacher was happy and confident, although she still did not know the outcome. “Well, let’s see, it wasn’t that bad. Let’s see what happens.”

“But what a nice people from City Council,” the presenter added during the conversation, while together they analyzed the details. “It was a surprise, there are still good people out there. They realize? I love to ‘I wish you justice,’ they commented, ‘He is absolutely right in the world.’”

Finally, a speaker emphasized the hypothesis that although it seems simple respect, it is not always so, outside the context of countries. “Management is there to help, not to hinder. When things cannot be done, well, they cannot be done.”

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