EA Giving Some DLC To BioWare Game Due To Remove Origin Currency

Some Mass Effect and Dragon Age DLC will be free to download as BioWare points will be removed.

electronic arts Will give away some DLC of different games Biopower mark Removal subordinate bioware points in Origin east October 11. This coin was used to purchase DLC for titles released by the studio. Of course, other BioWare coins like crystals and platinum will still be available as before.

To facilitate this change, EA gave away Most of the downloadable content is among the following titles:

For the next three months, BioWare Points can still be used to purchase multiplayer DLC packs available in Mass Effect 3. Once October 11th arrives, these multiplayer packs will only be available with Credits earned by playing the title.

However, EA explains it We will continue to reach to any content we have previously purchased using BioWare Points. Although EA did not explain this, The DLC should be downloadable now On Origin if you have purchased any of the four games mentioned above. In any case, any doubt or suggestion in this regard can be submitted at EA Technical Support.

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