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A food delivery girl has gone viral on social media after revealing how much she earned doing this job in Canada.

The young woman of Mexican origin, who became famous on TikTok, indicated that her income is high, but she preferred not to disclose the exact number that she collects for such work.

In reality, They asserted that people in Mexico had to work up to two weeks to get the payment on their partAnd in two days.

The amount of money that professions leave behind

She admitted that the large amount of money she earns through this job is nowhere near the income that professional people like herself earn in her home country.

This is how the girl with the account revealed it Road Bels (roadbels), where she states that she has completed a master’s degree in fungal biotechnology, graduating prior to that as a bacteriological parasitologist.

Although he didn’t elaborate, he hinted that the daily economy delivery is over MXN 1,300.

income comments

After she was singled out for her post, in which many people made fun of what she said, she decided to stand up for herself.

She said, “Everyone makes fun of me because I worked as a delivery girl in Canada…but she earned her two weeks in two days, getting experience abroad and learning from other cultures.”

Other followers came to his defense. “Any decent job, don’t pay attention to comments that make your work less“,” All decent work, I don’t understand the jokes “,” I’m a house painter there and they criticize me, but that’s what people do.

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The Mexican woman who went viral already has at least 50,000 followers on her TikTok account. Also, share about Canada, talk about your daily life, about your life in general.

Likewise, it offers advice to Latinos seeking to immigrate, work, or study in that country.

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