He saw how many dollars he had to pay in taxes in Canada and cried on camera: “I didn’t expect this.”

As in many countries, residents of Canada are required to file their taxes and make the corresponding payments, which can range from 15% up to 33% of the income earned in the last fiscal year. Latino businessman living in Vancouver I discovered the heavy burden that keeping these commitments can be. When he learned how much he owed the government, he moved from surprise to tears and shared the moment with his followers.

through tiktok accountHe published his reaction to the receipt of the financial balance of the accountants. “Taxes in Canada,” reads in the first seconds of the clip as the young woman appears with a nervous laugh. Next, show the email: “In your case, this resulted in $4,435.03 in tax payable (in Canadian dollars)”, which equates to just over 3,200 US dollars.

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A young woman cries when she finds out how much tax she owes in Canada

When the woman returns to the focus of the lens, her expression is no longer the same, and she can only exclaim: “Oh, Jesus.” Her conflicted emotions make her laugh again and finally cry in front of the screen, reflecting on her debt to the government. Canadian. “What happens if I don’t pay taxes?He says, near the end of his recording trying to find solutions to his problems.

Stephanie Palma Mohrhart is a name A young man of Mexican descent Who has been living in Vancouver for several years. usually involved On her social networks are various aspects of her daily life as a Latina in Canada, as well as recommendations for travel and job opportunities. And after his first video on the subject, which garnered nearly 750,000 views on the network, she did not wait for the comments of his followers.

If you have these taxes, it is because you have the money to pay them., meaning he made more than $20,000 (Canadian dollars), as estimated by one user; “The fines are huge if not paid. Being single and a citizen, I paid 40%,” said another person. “The lesson from this is to understand the tax rules of the country you go to and advise you when you work elsewhere,” another wrote.

In the face of criticism Stephanie posted a second video In which he explained that his surprise was that he did not have an official job during the year 2022.I didn’t have a steady 40 hour week jobworked like Brand ambassador (Brand Ambassador). In other words, the government passes,” he said, without specifying how much profit he received. “I am a warrior, and I have a lot of feelings, but I will work it out. The truth is, I didn’t expect to pay that much tax. It’s crazy! “

Stephanie Palma is a young woman of Mexican descent living in Vancouver.@stephanie.palma.m / Instagram

At the end of last year, the young woman of Mexican descent had already become famous on TikTok by sharing that her phone had been stolen. scooter Which he used as a means of transportation in Canada. After that I organized Online fundraiser and support it. despite of I managed to buy a new carnow Some suggest that the donations he received can also be considered income by the tax authorities.

In the Canadian legal system, Anyone who resides within the country for more than 183 days in a year is considered a resident and is therefore obligated to pay taxes. The amounts of these contributions are calculated on income and property and are used by the government to fund public services such as health, education, public safety, and social programmes.


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