HBO Original Series Could Be Coming to Netflix; Companies negotiate

HBO Original Series Could Be Coming to Netflix; Companies negotiate

new metrics Netflix They may have pissed off their users, but it looks like the company is really making up for that by vastly improving its catalog. We say this because new reports indicate that there are already negotiations for an HBO original series to come to Netflix.

According to sources Delivery timeWarner Bros. is negotiating. Discovery is partnering with Netflix to bring some HBO original series to the service in the United States. This is an agreement that has not yet been finalized, so there is a possibility that it may never come to fruition.

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Insecure will be the first HBO series on Netflix

Insecure will be the first HBO series on Netflix

Apparently, it will be the first HBO series to hit Netflix UnsafeThe Issa Rae sitcom, which ran for 5 seasons and ended in December 2021. The source confirms that the two companies are also talking so other HBO originals can hit the Netflix catalog.

The point is, if the agreement is finalized, the series will no longer be exclusive to Netflix. That way, they’ll be able to stay in the catalog of Max, Warner Bros.’s new streaming service. Discovery.

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Whether or not the deal closes, this is very exciting news. After all, it appears that Warner Bros. Discovery is willing to negotiate for its chain’s access to competing services if it makes financial sense. So maybe in the future we will see productions like The last of us also game of thrones in the Netflix catalog or in the Amazon Prime catalog.

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Do you think an HBO original series could be a hit on Netflix? Do you think this deal will materialize? Tell us in the comments.

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