Dani Alves broke the silence from prison: ‘You know I didn’t get my hands on her’

Dani Alves spoke for the first time from prison. After the footballer’s appeal was rejected and six months after his arrest for alleged sexual assault with physical access to a 23-year-old girl, the Brazilian presented his version of the facts and He told the complainant that he would “forgive her”..

The complaint that put Alves at the center of the controversy indicates that the player Sexual assault of a young woman in a bowling alley bathroom Sutun is called in Barcelona (Spain) on the night of December 30th. After stating several times, and even contradicting himself on repeated occasions, the former ward decided to speak from Prison Bryan 2 with journalist Maika Navarro for La Vanguardia.

“I decided to do this interview, my first since I’ve been here, so that people would know what I think. And that they would know the story from what I experienced that morning in that bathroom.” So far, a very scary story of fear and horror has been explained, which has nothing to do with what happenedNor with what I did, ”narrated the Brazilian.

Plus, keeping with the same story, she added, “Everything that happened and didn’t happen there, only she and I know. No one said anything to me there. Sutton left quiet. I got to my house.” I took a shower because my wife was already asleep and I was ashamed of my infidelity“.

According to his version of events, he remembered what he had done when he got home. He confirmed that he was “overwhelmed with anger and lay down on another bed.”

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