Hatsune Miku has been banned from Twitter for being “underage”

Hatsune Miku She faced an unfortunate confrontation with Twitter after the page decided to block the Vocaloid account assuming it was a minor when that account was created in February 2014.

In the virtual idol’s official Twitter account, it was reported that her account was suspended due to not meeting the platform’s age requirements, which stipulate All users must be over thirteen years old when creating the account.

The inconvenience could have resulted in the official Miko account pausing any of its ads and subsequently for Twitter to delete its account from the network.

The reason for the suspension was due The account manager decided to change the registered birthdate to the year Hatsune Miku first appeared (August 31, 2007).

Thankfully, the Vocaliod account has been recovered, but according to the site now, the default singer’s “birth date” is the same as her manager’s birth date.

since three years In 2018, Twitter began implementing policies to track accounts suspected of being the creation of minors. Since then, several accounts have been suspended for attempts to change birthdays.

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With information from: Official Twitter


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