Handkerchiefs and other calls for 28S: the nation’s first legal abortion | International Action Day in Latin America and the Caribbean

Within the framework of the International Day of Action for Access to Legal Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean, which is celebrated on September 28 of each year, The National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion has called for the city of Buenos Aires for a “table and napkin” In front of the Congress, in the symbolic corner of the El Molino confectionery, in Callao and Rivadavia.

We paint the street green and bring a chin strap‘, they called from the campaign in the city that is again inviting us to take to the streets in green scarves, a year and a half after the pandemic.

From the campaign at the national level they announced that tomorrow they will launch a national advertisement for treatment On September 28 of the first year with legal abortion in Argentina.

Also from the Twitter account CampAbortoLegal “> @CampAbortoLegal They will share invitations for activities to be repeated across the country.

The The historical debate of 2018 demonstrated the immense power of the “green tide,” When hundreds of thousands of women across the country mobilized before Congress to support the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy Project, which had not become law at the time.

Almost two years later, in December 2020The Senate has given the green light, this time yes, to a bill that would make legal abortion legal in Argentina.

Law 27610, on “Access to Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE), Obligation to Provide Comprehensive and Free Coverage” It finally came into effect on January 24 this year. There, the state requires all social work companies and prepaid medicines to guarantee comprehensive and free coverage for voluntary interruption of pregnancy within a maximum period of 10 days upon request.

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It is expected that this year, the first of its kind with legal abortion, will develop a campaign The focus of activities in the obstacles and difficulties that remain to implement the law.

Within the 28s, Amnesty International celebrated the importance of a country having a law but deplored that there is still one Many barriers prevent access to this right.

“One of the main obstacles to access is the lack of public information campaigns. Added to this is the 0800 breakdown of sexual health, a counseling line on where and how to access voluntary and legal interruption of pregnancy (ILE),” they denounced from the organization.

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