Half of New Yorkers of working age do not have their basic needs met | About three million people

half of New Yorkers of working age, About 3 million people do not earn enough money to cover their basic needs. This is confirmed by a recent study on the cost of living in the Big Apple published on Tuesday.

The report prepared by the organization United Way in New York Cityit stands out Living conditions deteriorated in the city as a result “The profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic”which is reflected in the fact that the number of people who do not cover their needs has increased at an average rate 38 percent in the past two years.

In total, the study notes, nearly 1,300,000 households or 3 million people struggle to make ends meet in the city of skyscrapers, It has a population of about 8.5 million people.

“critical moment”

“This report comes at a critical time for community support organizations as it helps us gain a fuller understanding of New York’s population are severely affected by growing economic insecurity, and more specifically, where services are most needed.”said the association’s president, Grace Bonilla.

The study, in which several universities and organizations collaborated, It does a detailed analysis of the main products of the family basket It determines the income needed to purchase those products in relation to wages, whether people receive relief money or the neighborhood in which they live.

For New York City Trust President Lisette Nieves, who co-authored the study, New York City cannot maintain its status quo.when 50 percent of families with people of working age struggle to make ends meet.

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The report indicates that the highest rates of families facing difficulties in meeting their needs were recorded in the Bronxspecifically its Central District, as well as in parts of the Brooklyn area such as Brownsville and Ocean Hill.

the most neglected sectors

Latin Americans suffer the most from this situation.where 65 percent of working-age adults struggle to meet basic needs, followed by Native American, African, and Asian New Yorkers.

At the other end, A.J 32 percent of New Yorkers are of European descent suffer from these difficulties.

The association recommends as a first measure to combat economic insecurity in the five regions improve the wages of these workersas well as improving their access to social assistance and affordable housing.

by family type, 80 percent of single mothers with children do not make ends meetwhile 69 percent of single parents with children also struggle to meet their basic needs.

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