WhatsApp will replace emojis: what’s next

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application by users, continues to evolve with some updates that will improve the format and thus provide people with new tools for communication. To do this, from Meta, the owner of the service, they began to look suspiciously at emojis, Famous ‘cartoons’ to add color to conversations.

This appearance meant a huge advance at that time for WhatsApp that it was considered something essential for interaction. However, the passage of time has also made emojis undergo some modifications to update And this time it can be animated, in a function similar to attachments.

With different ways to apply it, WhatsApp can be used from any mobile device and also from the computer, in a beta version that can be modified in the short term. It is according to the specialized site WABtainfothere is a potential change so that is Emojis are animated and can be sent by a programmed function.

Emojis, an essential part of WhatsApp conversationsShutterstock – Shutterstock

Among the benefits of this change, not only will users have a new way to express themselves and thus externalize feelings for the other person emojibut also The goal is to loosen up the conversation and make it more fluid and spontaneous.

With the projected idea, many elements still need to be solved in order for its functionality to be perfect and accessible to users. This way, the modification date has not yet been determined, however Progress excites detail-focused users to stay in the company, Such as updates and security systems that allow you to surf for hours without worrying about any external factor distorting your experience.

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Within a variety of features that you should use The WhatsAppone of them began to be a common currency for users who had to pay for household services in the first days of the month. pay my accountsThe app that allows you to pay bills through a virtual wallet has announced a new feature: the ability to interact with the Meta app.

To be clear, what the company has enabled is an interface called an API that allows banks, financial technology and other related entities to interact with pay my accounts. As for payments, they can be made using the money in a savings bank account or using a debit card.

In a statistic he made pay my accounts In 2022, more than half of Argentines (51%) pay for their services online and the remaining 49% prefer in person.


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