RD has been nominated at the World Production Awards

Santo Domingo, RD.- The Directorate General of Cinema (DGCINE) has been nominated at the Global Production Awards, organized by Screen International and KFTV & Broadcast, with the support of Olsberg SPI. The award ceremony will take place on May 22, 2023 within the framework of the Cannes Film Festival in France, where the Dominican Republic will participate.

Notably, this award recognizes production work conducted in various notable and emerging countries and locations, along with outstanding work in areas including sustainable production and diversity.

The Dominican Republic has been selected in the categories Film Committee Team Award(Best Film Direction) with the project “Dominican Republic – Dream It, We Got It” And Emerging Website Award (Popup sites). This is with the project the movie “Samana Friendly” (Samana as a friendly movie destination). Besides the country, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Jordan, the United States and Croatia are nominated.

These nominations are the result of the amazing work done by the entire sector. Efforts were focused on the institutional and inter-institutional level so that the Dominican Republic would be recognized as a friendly photography destination.

Mariana Vargas Goreleva, General Manager of DGCINEMA.

Film Committee Team Award

The award is given to a Film Commission or Directorate General of the most prestigious international reputation, for exemplary service to productions and a first-choice shooting destination.

DGCINE was chosen for its project “Dominican Republic – Dream it, we get it”. A strategy that works in expression between institutions so that the country is a friendly destination in terms of photography.

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This included the development of the “Sectoral Human Capital Survey” and the “My First Job in Cinema” program to generate a dedicated crew, enhance inter-enterprise equipment and incentive efficiency, as well as design a platform. To promote sites.

Emerging Website Award

The award is given to the committee for the films that show the largest number of productions. It also encourages attractive incentives, better service levels, a growing staff and infrastructure, and a variety of shooting locations.

For this, the Dominican Republic has presented the project for the development of SamanĂ¡ as a cinematic destination entitled “Film Friendly SamanĂ¡”, which involves the formation of a collaboration with the municipalities of SamanĂ¡ through an agreement between DGCINE and the offices of mayors.

The purpose of the project was to create training programs for the Samanense crew, such as a carpentry workshop and English lessons for drivers, as well as to bring the Cinemateca Sobre Ruedas program to the province, to generate cinematic appreciation among the community.

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