Hacking kills hack: Titanfall fans hack Apex Legends in protest

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A group of Titanfall fans have hacked Apex Legends playlists in order to explain the current state of Titanfall 2 and the scourge of hacking going on through its servers. The hack affects the PC version and consists of an invitation to the site “savetitanfall.comAt the bottom of the (Save Titanfall) playlists as well as an ‘Important Message’ at the end of each game, urges players to visit the site mentioned above. The message also reads: “Titanfall 1 is under attack and so is Apex Legends.”

However, the worst is that players affected by the hack are unable to play most of the game modes offered by Apex Legends. The site explains in detail the origin of this protest: “Titanfall is a franchise loved by many and the problem with hackers is growing. The Titanfall community has been begging Respawn to fix this situation for the past three years, but there has been no response. Today, the game is still sold even though it is completely unplayable It’s time to talk.”

One of the messages in Apex Legends during the hack.

They continued: “Titanfall 1 is currently unplayable on PC due to hackers using exploits that prevent other players from enjoying the title. This issue has been going on for years, and Respawn is deafening to the situation, as if they were unaware of it at all.”

“To this day, Titanfall 1 is still for sale and viewing on Origin as well as on Steam, regardless of its current condition. The developers Respawn contacted us about this many times and through various channels. But when we contacted the developers directly as soon as the Titanfall 1 issue occurred, they stopped Respond to us. Electronic Arts, parent company of Respawn and publisher of Titanfall 1, is aware of this situation, with numerous reports in tech support systems over the years.”

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It’s the first time a group has taken such action against the game but the truth is that Respawn is trying to curb the actions of hackers, who have been suffering since the first Titanfall: a title whose primary focus was an online multiplayer mode. Titanfall 2 also had something in this regard, other than offering one of the best campaigns seen in a first-person shooter game, the online mode on PC was also the victim of all kinds of cheats, exploits, and hacks to the point of making it a practically unworkable experience.

The screen presented to the players at the end of each game.
The screen presented to the players at the end of each game.

With Apex Legends, anti-piracy efforts are more consistent, simply because it’s the active game the company puts most of its resources into: it’s one of Electronic Arts’ great revenue streams. Both Titanfalls have active player bases on different platforms, but support at a level that hackers claim is evident by its absence is somewhat understandable: Titanfall 1 was released just over seven years ago. However, they did not seem to be able to cope, as they were looking for a new integration of personnel for the task of moderation and manual expulsion on the platform.

Oddly enough, Respawn didn’t take it for granted with regard to hacking: through its Twitter account, it indicated the situation by marking it as a “matchmaking issue – the function that allows players to join together to set up the game in question -“, for which it has posted several updates. server thus restoring the correct functionality of Apex Legends. At the time of posting this note, the server is still experiencing gameplay issues.

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