Skype already has artificial intelligence in video calls

More than 30 million people use Skype every day for phone calls and chats.

platform video calls It will now integrate with iartificial intelligence (AI) It will be enabled for more than 30 million people using it skype daily in the world.

next to the researcher bing Some scenarios will be generated where people can ask questions and find information for the entire call group; Such as asking for suggestions about travel destinations, expected weather forecasts, and interesting events surrounding the trip.

In addition, information may be requested The latest news or what is popular at the moment.

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The platform will contain more than 100 languages ​​and will be able to translate between them. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Similarly, the platform noted that choosing how to display answers is within properties: Important pointsOr a text or a simplified answer. The platform will have more than 100 Languages And he will be able to translate between them.

This new update will be available worldwide in preview, however, in the first few days of testing, people may experience connectivity issues. Mobile application is available at iOS and Android.

Clicking the Bing icon at the bottom opens a chat session where you can share in the same way as on your desktop.

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On the other hand, voice queries can be made on mobile devices and computers. In addition, those who have access to a preview of the service will be able to use the new Bing experience from the home page of the mobile app. Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has announced the official launch of its new Bing search engine, which will integrate the AI ​​technology used by ChatGPT into its systems (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

During an event at their headquarters in Redmond, VA WashingtonMicrosoft has announced the official launch of its new Bing search engine, which will integrate into its systems the artificial intelligence technology it uses. chat In cooperation with the developer company Programming, Open AI.

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During the presentation, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, indicated that artificial intelligence will have the potential to reform the Internet as well as the experience of searching for information, which will be more organized thanks to these programs that will work in a similar way. to a companion during user sessions.

The search tool is also capable of designing the answers based on estimates, inquiries The pros and cons of having certain products, answers to specific and equivalent statements, as well as questions that may be complex for student normal

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said Youssef Mahdi, a designer from the company who was also present during the face-to-face confrontation at the company’s headquarters.

Mahdi pointed out that the integration between ChatGPT and Bing will result in a new way to browse the Internet, as it will improve searches in Microsoft software and will not only provide results in the form of links and images, but will also have the ability to answer questions through virtual chat.

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