Gustavo Petro announced that he called the Maduro dictatorship to reopen the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

From campaign promises Gustavo Petro s Rodolfo Hernandez she was restore bilateral relations With the Venezuelan regime, in the hands Nicolas Maduro. The former mayor of Bogotá and president-elect confirmed that he had already held talks with members of the Venezuelan dictatorship for Normalization of border crossings between the two countries.

Through a slip, the president-elect, Gustavo Petro, in turn asserted that he seeks “to restore the full exercise of human rights at the borders.”

I have contacted the Venezuelan government to open the border and restore the full exercise of human rights at the borders” The Venezuelan Colombian, confirmed Gustavo Petro Trilling on June 22 at 7:45 am

During his campaign, Gustavo Petro stated that he had not seen Cúcuta without the complete restoration of the border crossing with Venezuela, whether for human rights or economic issues, because trade on the border was important to the region:

“I must tell you that Cúcuta cannot be a city, it cannot flourish, it cannot overcome problems without opening the borders. Usually, restoring diplomatic relations is a difficult and even contentious issue. Debatable on a global scale, Gustavo Petro said, no Doubt, but I do not see an alternative to Cúcuta if there is no complete restoration of diplomatic and consular relations between the two countries.

Petro, at the time as a presidential candidate, stated that he saw no other way to help the region, because trade with Venezuela through Cúcuta was essential to the economy:

I do not see an alternative to Cúcuta if there is no complete restoration of diplomatic and consular relations between the two countries. “Because it is necessary to do so, it is the most appropriate path for the region because of the needs that exist,” said the left-wing president-elect.

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Also on frequent occasions, Gustavo Petro has questioned the policy of the current government, which was preceded by Ivan Duque, with the “diplomatic fence”, which was a severance of all bilateral relations to isolate Venezuela from the rest of the region and thus impose force. Nicolas Maduro to resign or call early elections in this country and restore democracy:

“The two fates of Colombia and Venezuela follow the same path, they even resemble their rulers, because there is nothing more like Maduro in Colombia than Duque,” Gustavo Petro said at the time.

It should be noted that Gustavo Petro had contacts with many of his counterparts in America and various organizations at the international level, for example, yesterday – June 21 – the president-elect had his first conversation with US President Joe Biden, which is something for many. Specialists have already begun to talk about what kind of relations Colombia will maintain with the United States in the next four years, “much closer” than it was with current President Ivan Duque.

Duque took several months to make contact with the incoming administration of Joe Biden, after learning of alleged support from supporters of the Democratic Center and national government officials in order to help Donald Trump in the US elections against the Democrat; For relations to bear fruit, it was necessary to change the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Juan Carlos Pinzon who managed to restore relations between the United States and Colombia.

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