Guerrera in New York presented a plan to modernize transportation

Minister of Transport Alexis warrior, in the United States with the Chief of Staff of the Department of Transportation, Alvaro Iria, as part of an official visit where he will participate in various corporate activities over the course of three days. the official He was greeted by the Vice-President of the Council of the Americas, Ragnhilde Melsey, In their offices in New York.

The Council of the Americas is an international business organization founded in 1963. It is made up of leading companies representing multiple sectors, including logistics and transportation, technology, finance, consumer products, media, energy, and mining, among others.

During the meeting, a transport modernization plan with its development prospects and short, medium and long-term goals was presented. In this sense, one of the main themes Energy transmission has been discussed in the transportation of passengers, goods, gas and electricity.

In addition, they discussed Mobility and fine movement, With particular emphasis on the concept of the last mile or kilometer, which refers to how users decompress Public transportation before or after the trip to communicate.

In connection with the transfer of payloads, the system was detected “Open access” promoted by the government for freight trains. It is about to start and its goal is to promote the participation of companies in different branches and avenues, which will not have one operator, but instead may have many operators.

finally, The board and its member companies are invited to generate investments and financing in the state, in projects and works developed by the Ministry of Transport, such as goods collection centers under development and foreseen.

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