Visa to the United States: Some Tips for Obtaining It

According to the website of the US Embassy in Colombia, this document is necessary when “Any citizen of a foreign country seeking to enter the United States must first obtain a US entry visa, which is placed in the traveler’s passportA travel document issued by the country of its nationality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a backlog of visa appointments to enter the United States.

A few days ago, the embassy announced that people under the age of 14, and people over the age of 79 who need to renew their current or expired visa within the last 48 months, will have the possibility to apply for a US visa. Visa without interview. They only have to leave their documents at the embassy.

In the first step, you must first bring the DS-160 form. Next, a visa processing profile must be created. Then you have to pay for it. Attend the Applicants Service Center (CAS) and finally, attend the interview.

On the embassy’s YouTube channel, they explain that intermediaries or third parties should be avoided, and it is better to do this personally, since each person should be responsible for the data they provide to carry out this procedure.

The cost of a US visa in Colombia is $160. Just over 650,000 Colombian pesos.

In the post on YouTube, at the US Embassy, ​​they indicate that for new visa appointments the waiting time can be two years, however, the recommendation is to be familiar with the site to see if there is an appointment schedule. the closest.

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Countries that do not require a visa or passport for Colombians

Although there are many countries that do not require a visa for Colombians to enter their territory, there are others that do not require a passport. This is something that very few people know, since it is believed that this document is mandatory and necessary when you want to leave the country, and in fact it is not.

Uruguay is one of the countries that can be visited without a passport. Only identification document must be presented, An affidavit stating that they do not have covid-19 and travel insurance with coverage for coronavirus cases. If a Colombian has had covid-19 in the last 90 days, they must also show a PCR test with negative so they can enter the country.

Argentina crosses the Río de la Plata River, which is another country that can be visited without a passport. To enter one of the preferred destinations on the continent, you must present the same necessary documents as in Uruguay: ID card, covid-19 affidavit, insurance with coverage for coronavirus cases.

Brazil is another destination that many want to know about and Colombians can only do this by presenting a citizenship card, Solvency certificate, travel insurance against COVID-19 and hotel reservation where you will be staying.

In Peru, on the other hand, a citizenship card and a complete vaccination schedule will be sufficient; In the absence of it, the traveler will be allowed to submit a PCR test showing that he is negative at the time of entering Peruvian territory.

Ecuador and Chile are two other countries that do not require a passport, but the first will assess immigration status, request an identity document and specialist agents will decide on entry.

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