Germany, Japan and Great Britain will encourage self-driving

At the end of 2021, Germany was the first country to allow the use of autonomous driving systems After requesting approval from Mercedes Benz.

It is a level 3 or conditional automation system. This means that although the car is able to operate independently, whether in steering, braking or acceleration control, the human factor does not disappear, and the presence and attention of the driver is mandatory at all times.

After several months, It was Japan that agreed to the same level 3 systemwhen permission has been granted to the new Honda legend Some commercial vehicles have systems of this type. Now, Japan is getting serious, with government authorities aiming for Level 4 autonomous driving to be operational in 2025.

In other words, human intervention will not be required at any time as it will be the vehicle itself that will control the traffic and surrounding conditions, determine the route or alternatives and respond to any situation. In addition, in the event of a failure of the main system, the car has a backup to work and continue driving.

Today’s free legal road tests are carried out by manufacturers such as slingAnd April s Toyota. It is estimated that the legislative procedures for its approval will take two years, so that this law will enter into force in 2025. Of course, it is estimated that initially its use will only be allowed on roads and sparsely populated areas.

After Japan and Germany, the UK will become the third country in the world to allow such legislation.. According to a statement from the British government’s Department for Transport, it has been confirmed that it will amend its motorway code to give legal coverage to vehicles equipped with these systems.

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The idea is to make sure automated driving is safe, so level 3 would be very restricted in England, banning in-car visual entertainment (movies or games) and phone use.

Initially, the Automatic Lane Keeping Assist (ALKS), which maintains direction without having to put your hands on the steering wheel, will only be approved on the highway and at a top speed of 60 km/h. This legislation will be passed soon and ALKS can be used as early as 2022.

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