The most prominent phrases of the Forum “The Right and the Left in the Twenty-first Century”

Postcard from the last session, moderated by Daniel Haddad (Photo: Nachomartinfilms)

Is there a right and a left? What are they? Is it possible to unify the concepts? Why today these terms represent different concepts in different places? These and other questions are the focus of discussion in the forum Right and left in the twenty-first centurywhich was held this Tuesday at Florida International University (FIU).

organized by Inter-American Institute for Democracy (IID) and the Adam Smith Center for Economic FreedomThis forum brought together eminent personalities such as Alvaro Uribe, Luis Almagro, Patricia Bullrich and Beatrice Rangelis among the many academics, journalists, politicians and ex-conservatives of great stature and experience who made up the four committees.

Today’s highlights:

– “The Cuban dictatorship is the oldest in the region and has strong influence in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.” (Carlos Sanchez Brzin, Executive Director of the Inter-American Institute for Democracy and Organizer of the Forum).

– “In addition to Venezuela, the Castrochavista massif includes Nicaragua, Bolivia, and several Caribbean islands. He made friends in Mexico and Argentina. (Maria Weirlau, Cuba Archives).

– “In Venezuela, the Chaveza mafia with its own planes committed the largest embezzlement in history. The elites are rich and the population lives in poverty.” (Mary Weirlaw, Cuba Archives).

"Right and left in the twenty-first century"the forum that took place this Tuesday at Florida International University (FIU) (Image source: Nachomartinfilms)
“Right and Left in the Twenty-First Century,” the forum that took place this Tuesday at Florida International University (FIU) (Image source: Nachomartinfilms)

– “To the Mafia take over the states And breaking the social contract. They don’t care if inflation is starving the Cuban people, for example“. (John Anthony White Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba).

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– “What I think is in danger today is liberalism. The political system based on tolerance and respect for the opinions of others is also in danger.” (Edward Gambler Professor at Florida International University.

While the United States Constitution has geographic boundaries, the principle of freedom of expression is not, or should not be. (David Webbfrom Sirius XM Radio/Fox News).

– “What is important for freedom of expression and the press and the responsibility of institutions, individuals and society alike is the existence of a system of laws that protects this right. The principle should be applied all over the world because it is something important to our progress as a society“. (David Webbfrom Sirius XM Radio/Fox News).

Daniel Haddad moderated a seminar
Daniel Haddad moderated the symposium “Right and Left in Government”, the main speakers of which were Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States; Image source Nachomartinfilms, and Alvaro Uribe, former president of Colombia

– “It is difficult to report events in countries where human rights are violated“. (Eliana Lavastedathe caller Americas Newspaper).

– “Mexico has only one media outlet, the President of the Republic, who speaks every day for two and a half hours. cI think that in Mexico we created “piracy”, they are the worst rulers. I am very concerned about how far Lopez Obrador’s regime will go. He must stop his attack on the media and reporters.” (Francis Zia, from Image Collection, Mexico).

– “Journalism is in crisis because presidents don’t need journalism. Presidents have Twitter.” (Oscar Hazaa Mega TV).

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– “Marxist left groups, such as in Peru, come with the intention of seizing power. They are not interested in the economic success of their people, but they want the power to use it in the worst way.”. (george castleformer Minister of Peru).

Beatriz Rangel, former Minister of Venezuela (Nachomartinfilms)
Beatriz Rangel, former Minister of Venezuela (Nachomartinfilms)

– “In the 1980s, unnatural alliances began to appear, for example in my country, Venezuela. The bad left call and the bad right call combined to turn back the clock. They opened the door to the enemy of freedom: Fidel Castro“. (Beatrice Rangel Ex-Minister of Venezuela.

– “The concepts of right and left suffer a existential crisisotherwise It will not be clarified that Maduro, Ortega, Diaz-Canel and Bolsonaro support Vladimir Putin“. (Louis GallianoExile from Nicaragua).

– “In addition to discussing left and right, we have to discuss them within a society whose forms of action are quite different from those of the past.. In Argentina we experienced a drama with left and right. Peronism was on the left and she was on the right. It occupied the entire political space and also occupied the center. (Patricia Bullrich (Former Argentine Minister).

– “The lack of freedoms has resulted in 5 million displaced citizens in Venezuela.” (Alvaro Uribeformer President of Colombia).

Dictatorships on the left and right are failed regimes.. (Louis AlmagroSecretary-General of the Organization of American States).

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