From UCR highlight ‘importance of science’ in ‘changing the country’

“I came to talk with the neighbors about science and nanotechnology. I am very happy to be in La Matanza, especially because of the importance of science in changing the country,” said the CONICET member scientist, former UCR Vice-Candidate and grandson of former President Arturo Elia, Gallo Soler Elia, who accepted Days participated in the lecture “How Nanotechnology is Changing the World”, which was held at the local UCR headquarters, located at 3061 Monseñor Marcón Avenue, in San Giusto.

For Soler Illia, the impact of various developments, both in terms of research and technological developments, is fundamental to people’s lives: “I want to reach people with this topic because science changes everyone’s lives and we all have to realize the importance.”

In addition, he noted his relationship with UCR national deputy Facundo Manes, with whom he shares a political affinity and, accordingly, a similar profile: “We have many coincidences.” We believe that problems are solved by analysis, with policy lines that must be based on concrete facts, analyze in a professional manner, and then act efficiently. This is the basis of scholars,” he deepened.

Finally, Soler Elijah stressed that in order to develop an alternative proposal, “it is necessary to have a sense of public service, something that needs to be restored”. He concluded his speech by saying: “Serving the public and not using the public, that is the main thing in politics.”

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