An animation explaining the implosion of the submarine Titan had more than 7 million views in 12 days

One of the videos explaining how the Titanic submarine exploded, from OceanGate, is really all the rage on YouTube: In just 12 days, it has already been viewed by more than 7 million people (7.2 at the time of writing).

The clip was posted by AiTelly, a channel that specializes in original engineering animation in 4K and 3D.

You can clearly understand in the pictures what happened to the ship “Titan”, which had a large part of the world in suspense during the last days of June after its mysterious disappearance when it was on an expedition towards the remains of the ocean liner.

The clip was watched by more than 7 million people.

On June 22 this was confirmed The submarine had exploded three days earlier At a depth of about 1,700 meters in the North Atlantic Ocean. All five passengers on board died..

Because of this, the narrator of the video begins by explaining what an implosion is. “It is a process of destruction through implosion on the body itself. When the implosion expands, the implosion contracts,” the voice points out on.

The report continues that at the site where the Titanic’s remains were found “there is about 5,600 pounds per square inch of pressure,” which is “nearly 400 times the pressure seen at the surface.”

AiTelly attributes the total destruction of Titan to the rise in hydrostatic pressure. For the engineers who developed the video, the submarine was destroyed “in a fraction of a millisecond.” Another part of the responsibility rests with those who built the Titan for using carbon fiber.

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The current technology is based on steel, titanium and aluminium. This is what prevented other submarines from being crushed. “The Titan had an experimental design,” the video says.

Who is behind the clip?

An anonymous AiTelly spokesperson confirmed to the New York Post that the animation was created by at least three people using open source software called Blender.

To design the Titan, information and measurements that have been posted on the OceanGate website and Google were taken. The 3D modeling process took at least 12 hours.

The video with 7.2 million views on YouTube is a correction of another previously posted video with some errors.

Outstanding missions

The company that owns the submarine that exploded on a voyage to the Titanic ruins announced Thursday that it is suspending all operations.

Among the five victims of the implosion were the submarine’s pilot and the company’s CEO, Stockton Rush.

Titan exploded on June 18th. Photo: AP

While the Coast Guard investigates the implosion, the company’s website says it has “ceased all exploration and commercial operations.”

OceanGate is headquartered in the United States. OceanGate Expeditions, a subsidiary, is registered in the Bahamas. It added that the submarine Titan “was not a US-flagged vessel and has not been verified or approved by the US Coast Guard.”

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