Four neuroscience exercises that stimulate the brain in everyday life and speed up the mind

Listening to music, learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, and starting a new physical activity are some of the activities that can contribute to stimulating our mind (Gettyimages)

Our brain is building Which has such complexity, despite the great advances in technology and its application to the study of this organ, many secrets that explain their activity. However, what we do know and it is important to highlight is that it not only plays an essential role in management Essential for the human body, but also responsible for the performance we show when performing complex activities How do we read, comprehend, infer, memorize, focus, plan and adapt our behavior to different situations.

“The expression ‘what is not used is lost’ is true, and it applies not only to the muscles of our body but also to the muscles of our body. neural networks Which is supported by the work of our brain. The current scientific evidence is conclusive, a mentally and intellectually stimulating life plays an important role in maintaining adequacy Cognitive healthsays Juan Carrillo, member of the Department of Neuropsychology INECO.

Although many of the tasks that we perform in our daily lives are complex in themselves, an important characteristic that should be truly motivating is that it new. Next, Mr. Carrillo shares a series of suggestions that can help us stimulate the brain in everyday life.

Multiple studies have concluded that intellectually stimulating activity may act as a protective factor for some types of cognitive decline. This, along with other recommendations, such as maintaining a healthy diet, being physically active, sleeping well, and avoiding excessive stimulants, can help us take care of that mysterious and precious organ essential to our lives: the brain.

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