Vizzotti attended the housing award at Aula Magna de Medicina

Yesterday, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, participated in the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in the housing grants taking place between this week and next week.

Of the 9,666 residents who took the test across the country, 5,800 correspond to the standardized competition, that is, housing funded by the Nation, the Province of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

After congratulating the attendees and citing housing as an example “very important in our lives”, Vizzotti noted that “behind this process that you are going through there is a lot of work by the Ministry of Health of the nation and all the provinces of Argentina”.

In this sense, he stated that “being at UBA, granting residences in Aula Magna, is for us the symbol of this joint action between the nation, the province, and the city of Buenos Aires.”

Yesterday, judgments were made for Social Work, Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy, which, along with other specialties, make up the Interdisciplinary Residency in Mental Health (RISAM).

For the year, RISAM increased housing openings by 45 percent in the country’s new jurisdictions. In addition, while there were 147 national funding quotas in 2021, the supply increased in 2022 to 235, which means a 60 percent increase.

The minister concluded that “the epidemic showed the importance of horizontal and transverse in health teams,” noting that “there is no specialty more than another.” Thus, the National Directorate of Mental Health and Addiction is developing new RISAM programs with training proposals that include community activities based on interdisciplinary expression.

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In this context, the Minister indicated that this year the specialization in community mental health was approved, which is a certificate that RISAM graduates and graduates can obtain.

In order to catalyze and strengthen this strategy, the NHS is implementing a RISAM stimulus so that all residents with national funding improve their salaries by more than 50 percent. “I know that we continue to work so that this training will be paid better and be better appreciated,” Vizzotti concluded.

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