Former Canadian Defense Minister reveals encounters with aliens

the Aliens They are back on everyone’s lips, and no wonder. Statements of three former officers revealed Unexplained encounters with flying objects before the United States Congress or The report that is prepared is published by a pot In the same month of August, there are only two of the events that occurred revolution A theme that seemed to be the stuff of science fiction movies.

Already in his dead days Paul HellyerMinister of National Defense Canada Between 1963 and 1967, he added fuel to the fire with his confessions, confirming that encounters With aliens, collect the hub.


The soldier was known for his unity Armed forces From the North American country, as well as being a firm believer in all the theories surrounding the Unidentified Flying ObjectsHe confirmed that officials from the neighboring country were in contact with them extraterrestrial life On repeated occasions, which was confirmed weeks ago by official statements David Grosh.

For his part, the researcher reported in various media Chris Rutkowski He also spent years defending existence flying objects strangers. In fact, only in general 2022the world came to make sure they fell close 800 views of these alleged aircraft.

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