An ancient energy therapy that revolutionized modern luxury

In a reality where stress and anxiety seem to be gaining an increasing presence in our daily activities, World Reiki Day, which we celebrate next Tuesday, August 15th, gives us an opportunity to explore an ancient practice that is gaining ground. Find inner serenity, with therapeutic benefits for mental health, physical and spiritual recovery.

Originally from Japan, Reiki is much more than a simple technique and has been defined as a medical art that channels universal energy to heal, balance, and revitalize the body and mind.

It was developed by the Japanese monk Mikao Usui, who was said to have been searching for a form of holistic therapy that would treat Not only the physical symptoms, but also the emotional and spiritual roots of malaise, and is characterized by the positioning of the hands in order to restore balance to the body.

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Its origins go back to the 19th century and since then, this ancient practice has evolved to find a place in contemporary culture A valuable resource for spiritual development and overall well-being, It is able to improve the physical and emotional state of those who practice it.

It is implemented by a Professional coach by putting hands on the individual. It is based on the idea that energy flows through us and can be used to stimulate the healing process.

Teresa Salazar Posada, certified Reiki healer and author of seven books that explore the practice in depth explains that, in essence, This system is based on the idea that we all have universal vital energy flowing through us..

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When this flow of energy is blocked or unbalanced, it can manifest as physical or mental discomfort. This is where Reiki comes in, using gentle touches and hand motions on the body to release blockages and restore the natural flow of energy.”

Salazar is also the pioneer and creator of the Angelic Reiki technique, which is channeled with the help of angels and illustrates with the use of the four pillars (chakras, symbols, help from the seven archangels, and the power of our hands). Balance can be achieved on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The author of the Angelic Reiki trilogy has adopted this technique over 2,000 people around the world. And for the rest, she adds, “In a world overwhelmed by constant turmoil, Angelic Reiki offers An oasis of calm and the opportunity to reconnect with oneself with the help of angels.”

The second edition of the Encounter of Existence
Energy therapy for the mind

Among the most notable positive effects of this complementary therapy Reducing stress, anxiety and depression, as well as increasing mental clarity, a sense of inner peace, Relieving pain and stimulating the immune system.

Practice specialists agree that this allows us to keep our energy in balance, our energy centers in order and in perfect synchrony, They make us feel better on a physical, mental and emotional level.

When this flow of energy is blocked or unbalanced, it can manifest as physical or mental discomfort.

According to Salazar, Angelic Reiki is a unique, personal, and ideal self-healing experience using the hands as channels to transmit healing energy with the help of the Angelic Kingdom, adapting the practice to each individual’s specific needs. As the energy flows, an environment conducive to deep relaxation and the release of accumulated tension is created.

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For her part, Tatiana Parra, founder of Jappymind business meditation and wellness initiative and director of Encuentro del Ser, confirmed that The benefits of Reiki can also be used in the professional environment and taking this tool into the corporate field can bring practical benefits.

“Reiki not only nourishes our personal well-being, but it can unlock transformative potential in the business world. Its impact on health is undeniable, and by introducing this practice into a corporate environment, the doors are opened to a new level of well-being to combat the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and overwork.says Barra.

As awareness of the importance of mental health continues to grow, Reiki is emerging as a powerful tool for promoting emotional well-being.

Regardless of age or occupation, an increasing number of people are finding this discipline an ally in their search for balance and serenity. A touch of universal energy may be just what you need to unlock the healing potential within you.The expert asserts, adding that Reiki reminds us of the importance of stopping, breathing, and taking care of our inner being in a society that emphasizes action, speed, and the absence of silence.

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