Florentino Perez, the pioneer in construction in the United States

Turner, Dragados and Flatiron, three US-based ACS Group companies, are among the largest construction companies in the country.

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Premier League: The multimillion-dollar business that got out of Florentino Perez's sleeve

Premier League: The multimillion-dollar business that got out of Florentino Perez’s sleeve

ACS Group has been at the top of the ranking of the largest international construction companies for years. According to the arrangement prepared by the magazine Engineering News Record (ENR), The group headed by Florentino Perez entered $32,745 million in international business in 2021, more than 90% of its total turnover, it was reported. the reason.

Much of the blame for the good progress of its activity outside our country lies in the success of its companies in the United States: The Turner Corp. And Dragados and Flatiron.

Turner Corp. is the largest by revenue. this company Construction leader And for him A good position in the industrial work. Last year it concluded with a turnover volume 16256 million dollarsof which only $826 million came from projects outside the United States, she said five days.

Florentino Pérez already has it Three years in the highest rank in the classification of construction companies in the North American country who explains ENRbeing Construction leader ($10,525 million) and Communication projects ($3641 million). In addition, it is the fourth contractor in projects for oil companies (2,345 million) and the thirteenth in the industrial sector (553 million).

We talked recently about the strength of this company, which is going to be He commissioned the construction of the first major football stadium in New York City. The new complex, which also includes 2,500 affordable homes, a public school and a hotel, will be owned by the New York City Football Club, which was founded by English club Manchester City and the New York Yankees baseball club.

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Owns subsidiary ACS Extensive experience building sports stadiums in the United Statesas many of the stadiums that will host the FIFA World Cup that will be held there in 2026 have been built, such as TQL Stadium (Cincinnati, Ohio), SoFi (Inglewood, California) or Lower.com (Columbus, Ohio).

También of the encargada of construir otros centros deportivos, como el Levi’s (Santa Clara, California), el Golden 1 Credit Union Center (Sacramento, California), el Yankee Stadium (Nueva York), así como de la remodelación del Madison Square Garden ( New York). In addition, Turner participates in joint project He was commissioned to build the new stadium for the Los Angeles Clippers, the Intuit Dome (Inglewood, California).

next to, elplural.com Review that the company has been awarded a Contract to expand and modernize the Atlanta Federal Reserve branch In Miami (Florida) and another to Building a pharmaceutical factory in Colorado. It was also possible to grant a building Electric vehicle battery factory and the ones Movie studios in New Jersey.

Dragados is in 35th place in the ranking of the major contractors ENRentered 3436 million dollars1,031 million of which were produced through its international business. five days Specifies that it ascends from the fifth to the Third place in the implementation of transport infrastructure (2,952 million) which is The fourth is hard workWhere the place goes down.

Elplural.com notes that its presence in the US has been boosted this year thanks to an award Pearl Harbor military base renovation contract, in Hawaii, with a value of 2,700 million euros. This operation will be performed by joint project Led by Florentino Pérez. In addition, the contract includes optional clauses that could raise the budget to more than 3,000 million. He will also be responsible for Demolition and construction of a new bridge on the Île-aux-Tourtesin Montreal (Canada) at a value of $1,800 million.

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finally, iron Do ninth company in order Infrastructure implementationIts turnover was $1,757 million. Looking at its total income, it has fallen into the 50 most relevant construction companies by sales, placing itself at No. 49, up two steps.

The Florentino Pérez Group Company will build Calgary streetcar, in Canada, a project for which it will enter 3,700 million euros. This process will be done by a joint project.

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