Five ways to get the most out of Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the main tools for instant translation of texts in multiple languages, especially because of its efficiency and versatility. (teknado)

google translator It is an online service that provides instant translation of texts in the language Multiple languages Within seconds, thanks to the fact that it uses natural language processing techniques Machine learning To do that. However, there are many additional features in this platform that many users overlook despite its great usefulness.

There are some well-known features, such as the option to translate by Augmented reality Built-in mobile application, where texts can be translated from photographs; While we also find useful real-time voice translation.

But these are not the only options to make the most of the full potential of this tool that is used daily by millions of users, especially because of its features. effectiveness And cleverness. That’s why we present it here Five ways To get the most out of this translator developed by the search giant.

Tips for getting the most out of Google Translate.  (Image: Google)
Tips for getting the most out of Google Translate. (Image: Google)

One option to get the most out of Google Translate is its ability to work No connection. Ideal when a user finds themselves without coverage or travels abroad and cannot get a data package.

To activate this function we must:

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– Open Google Translate

– Go to option “Settings” Located in the upper right corner of the application.

– Select the downloaded languages. All language packs found in Google Translate will be displayed there.

– Choose what you need and click download.

After that, the selected languages ​​will be ready to use. Offline online At the time required of them.

If a user travels to a country where their language is not spoken, they will no longer have a problem communicating or understanding the locals; Because of this feature that allows the application created by Google Real time translation What is said and what others say.

To use it you need:

– Open the application.

– Choose the languages ​​of each speaker at the bottom left and bottom right of the platform.

– push the button “Discusses the”.

Google Translate is a daily tool for millions of users.  (Image: Spanish)
Google Translate is a daily tool for millions of users. (Image: Spanish)

In addition to a paragraph or short text, Google Extensive documents can be translated from different programs such as Microsoft word also Power point. To do this, simply select the option called “documents” It will quickly create a translation of the file uploaded to the platform.

Likewise, it is possible to translate a website directly from Google Translate, just by pasting the link into the same box where we put the text. It is only necessary to select the desired language and the application will create a new link in which the translated page will appear.

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Google Translate has an option available to all its users “Handwriting” Through it, a word can be drawn with a virtual pencil, which will be automatically detected by the platform, which will translate it into the desired language.

To do this, you just have to press Pencil icon Located at the bottom right of the first translation box.

To avoid re-translating texts that are often used and always at hand, just click on the star on the right side where the final translations come from. By clicking there, the translation will be saved to the user’s Google account, which he can review whenever he wants.

It is a translator that can also serve you as if it were dictionary This allows you to know the definitions of words and at the same time be able to translate them. It also allows you to view different views Synonyms or related words.

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