Young woman explains customs that are ‘poor’ in Latin America but considered ‘cool’ in Australia

The video went viral and thousands of users left their opinion about it. (TikTok: @sofiwebb)

A young TikTok user, known as @SofiWebb, has become the center of attention with a revelation Cultural differences between Latin America and Australia. In a viral video that has garnered more than 12 million views, Sofia provided a revealing look at… Perceptions of “cold” and “poor” In these two regions of the world.

At the heart of this story is a short video that highlights the contrasting cultural norms that govern daily life on these two continents.

The clip begins with an interesting scene: an Australian supermarket with people in it They walk barefoot without any hindrance. While in Latin American countries, this may be considered a custom not traditional. The protagonist shows how Australians walk the supermarket aisles with their bare feet, without the slightest hint of shame.

A young man has gone viral by exposing cultural differences between Australia and Latin America.  (tik tok)
A young man has gone viral by exposing cultural differences between Australia and Latin America. (tik tok)

The young woman’s journey across cultural differences does not stop there. In his video, he shows how shopping centers Australians are places where people also feel free to walk barefoot. An unimaginable image in many Latin American countries, where etiquette and footwear are an integral part of the shopping culture.

As the video progresses, it explores the differences in the streets of both places. Pictures show Australians walking carefree, while in Latin America, this habit lies at the other end of the cultural spectrum.

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In this sense, it highlights how what may be considered “brilliant” in one place may be described as “poor” in another, and vice versa. His video sparked a heated debate online, with thousands of comments expressing diverse opinions about these cultural differences.

“Doesn’t the country smell like feet?”, “Australia has such poisonous insects” and “I just thought about the importance of being connected to the land” are some of the messages received from users.

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