WhatsApp alert about a new personal data theft scam

a There are thousands of users on the alert for a new WhatsApp scam. It is a new method that has raised alarm among many and many who use messaging app, Since it is a common way to check and Verify the data to use the program.

This kind of scam already exists, but now it has been improved by the WhatsApp update implemented on May 15, when WhatsApp Activate the new conditions and Terms so that interested parties can continue to use the application without setbacks.

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How is deception done?

  • Cybercriminals send a message to the victim, claiming that the application is outdated.
  • They confirm in the message that it is necessary to check that everything is in a proper way, even that they use the WhatsApp logo.
  • They then indicate that a six-digit code has arrived and that you will need to share it.
  • Soon, an SMS with this code arrives to verify your account.

a) yes, All the scammers did was request access to the account WhatsApp the scammer And then they will have how to open it On another device where only the verification code was required.

from that way, It will be allowed to access the user’s contact list and conversationsIn addition, the original account will be disabled and banned.

To be able to use it again, you have to download the app again; Although it will take at least six hours to get a new verification code.

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