Five tricks to make your old Android phone run faster

Old Android phones have many options for users to improve performance.

Obviously, cell phones have a useful life, roughly two or three, and although they are physically flawless, their performance will not be the same due to various reasons such as application or software updates.

Before choosing to change the phone, there are several ways to improve the speed and stability with which the phone operates to extend its life.

This is the first step that any user must take. Go to Settings, then to Systems and enter the Updates option to download or check if the latest version is available.

This is done because the device software often displays an error and that may be the root of the problem, affecting third-party apps or their apps.

In addition, having the phone with the latest version ensures that it is in the best possible security conditions provided by the manufacturer and The GoogleOperating system manager. This enables an optimal barrier to avoid any malware affecting mobile performance.

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Old Android phones have many options for users to improve performance.
Old Android phones have many options for users to improve performance.

One of the most common problems with older cell phones is their performance in applications, especially in Social media. These platforms are constantly being updated and adding features that are taxing on older phones due to processing and RAM usage.

In parallel, the battery consumption of these applications is usually high, which is a hard blow for older peripherals because they no longer have the same autonomy capacity and are not optimized for such workloads.

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An alternative to solving the problem is to search for lite versions of social networks. Although these options will have a simpler design and tougher navigation, their performance on older mobile phones will be more stable because they consume fewer resources.

Another option is to access social networks from the browser, which helps a lot in reducing power consumption, saving storage space, and providing a more comfortable experience.

A large part of the performance issues is due to the fact that users have a lot of content stored on mobile, since they have been with it for a long time.

However, it is important to perform the cleaning every so often to make sure that you don’t have junk files, unnecessary cache, and unused apps. It all adds up bit by bit and becomes a problem over time.

Something that few people do is delete backup content created by certain apps, for example WhatsApp, which saves an additional file for each audio, photo or video received and sent. Often, this is not necessary on a phone and the space it takes up is significant.

To delete it, just go to File Manager > All Files > Internal Storage > Android > Media, and the apps folders that save backup content will appear.

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Old Android phones have many options for users to improve performance.
Old Android phones have many options for users to improve performance.

In the event that you do not want to delete photos, videos and phones android associated with the application Leadership s Pictures From The Googlethere you can transfer all this content so that it is saved in the cloud and does not take up memory in the cell phone.

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In addition, it is an option that ensures that photos are not lost even if the phone is damaged or stolen.

It is the last option. If the cell phone is still slow after doing all of the above, it is better to choose to restore the settings to the default values. This will eliminate any bugs or performance issues and everything will be back to how it started when you purchased it.

Doing so will force you to back up your saved content and have to reinstall all your apps, but it will definitely improve your user experience.

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