Uruguay: Former head of custody Lacalle Poe asked the police for information about a trip for his ex-partner | A new leak of chats complicates the president

The Case Concerning the Ex-President of Presidential Detention in Uruguay, Alexander Asticiano (picture), Accused of falsifying documents for granting passports to Russian citizens, which is increasingly complicated Louis Lacalle Poe. Two months after the news of the Uruguayan president’s separation from his wife spread, Lauren Ponce de LeonAsked Asticiano, Deputy Executive Director of the National Police, Jorge Perielit’s you Find out In Reserved Mode about the personal journey of one still running for first lady.

“Sorry for the time, we are in Colombia,” Asticiano wrote to Periel at 11:44 PM on July 3. “We’ve booked mode for Lorena Ponce de León. She’s flying out tomorrow at six in the morning. Where is she going. Total booking.”He added the guardian of the presidency. Lacalle Poe was in Colombia at the time, traveling on an official visit for a meeting with that country’s president, Ivan Duque.

“It’s complicated but we’ll see,” Periel replied, according to chats broadcast by information service MVD Noticias and newspaper Among other means, this is part of the investigation of Astesiano, Accused and detained pending trial for three crimes. Then the former head of reservations replied: “We just know you have to be at the airport at five o’clock. Thank you.”

At 0:33 a.m. on July 4th, Briel sent a message with exact information: “He’s on board LATAM flight LA2421 at 06:52 to Lima.” He added nine hours later: “He is traveling on an American passport.” “Now departs on LATAM flight LA2421 at 06:52 for Lima and there connects with LA 2464 with final destination Miami. She has already made the migrations while on the flight, and will return on 09/07 from San Pablo on flight LA8118 at 09:55.” explained the Deputy Superintendent of Police.

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“I got on a flight from Latin America, and at the airport they still don’t have a destination, now they will find out for me, but they try to do it without asking so as not to attract attention,” Briel said. To which he explained: “Just in case the plane took off, I left five minutes early.” These new chats reveal that Astesiano didn’t just run out Spying on opposition senatorsbut also followed the wife of the President of Uruguay.

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