Firefighters in the United States rescue a naked woman in a sewer

(Update on women’s ID and more details)

Miami, March 24 (EFE). – Firefighters from Delray Beach, in Southeast Florida (USA), rescued a woman who was naked in a 2.5 meter deep sewer on a busy street, and had been missing for weeks.

The woman, identified as 43-year-old Lindsay Jane Kennedy, was rescued on Tuesday after a bystander heard her calls for help and called 911, after which firefighters who had responded to the alert pulled her out of the rainwater with a ladder. And harness.

The police ruled that it was against their will and that there was some kind of crime.

Delray Beach Police spokesman Ted White told local WPTV that the woman told the firefighters that she had been there for “a long time, maybe days, maybe weeks”, a fact they needed to confirm when they met her.

“This was by far the most unusual case” to which his agency had responded, White added.

On Wednesday, authorities reported that Kennedy reported that she went on March 3 swimming in a canal near her boyfriend’s house in West Delray Beach, and out of curiosity she crossed a sewer entrance into a shallow portion of the river canal, and then passed into another tunnel and then to another tunnel until he found out Lost it.

As she told the local police, she was walking through the underground sewage system for three weeks until she saw an outside light entrance through the sewers she was rescued from.

Palm Beach County Police Office said the woman was lost on March 3.

On Tuesday, Danny Moskella, a spokesman for the Delray Beach Fire Department, said that in this “dangerous place” the woman might have had to deal with rats and other creatures while she was, in addition to the “terrible” smell she had to deal with. Bearing.

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“We have rescued the ducklings, cats and puppies, and this is the first time anyone remembers seeing someone there,” he admitted.

The authorities said the woman had scrapes and was transferred to a local hospital. EFE

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