Filmmaker releases film based on a Guatemalan story

A director has released a student movie, “Chuj Boys of Summer,” which tells the experiences of a Guatemalan boy who only speaks the Chuj language in the United States.

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According to the gate NPRThe film tells the life of a young man named CertainlyLittle by little he enters the daily life of a city telluride, On Colorado.

Max Walker Silverman, from New york university, He is the director and co-writer of this film, and he told how the inspiration for this story generated interest.

“I just dropped out of high school I went to tellurideColorado, where I was born and raised. And in my freshman year of high school, I made a very dear friend of Guatemala. That was about 15 years ago. And through him I got acquainted with his brothers, society, uncles, etc. And we talked for a long time about how great it is to make a movie because they are such special people in an interesting place.

Then finally my English teacher said he had a student to meet, another boy from him Guatemala. He gave us. We became friends and started working on this scenario together. And when it came time to find out who would play the main role, he said that he had a dear friend who would be perfect for him, and this boy turned out to be the younger brother of my first friend. So everything is, in many ways, the best aspects of a small town.

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They are 14 or 15 year old boys who support their families, support their parents, provide for themselves, and live on their own and with their friends. So there’s this hostility at the lowest level between the social, familial, and economic responsibilities associated with being a teenager, with sports, school, girls and all those things that are not yet ripe.

Writing about the story, my partner and I were writing, and he tells the stories, the details, the things he cared about and cared about and that they wanted to be in this movie. We build it into a text.

When it’s time to shoot, the actors discuss how they think these moments, these scenes, should come in roosterin your language.

Then they act, they shoot, and things go in all kinds of directions which of course I don’t know because I don’t speak the language. Then come back to see the pictures. We translate it back into English and you find out what was actually filmed there.

All the Guatemalans who worked on the film wrote theoretical letters to each other before coming to Colorado, when they were in Guatemala.

This is where all those lines come from, a College Of those thoughts and those feelings. It also really amazes me because this is a city that has changed so much throughout history, and its current version is a place where the wealthy have homes that they don’t live in.

Over the course of growing up, I saw how the houses got bigger and more empty, and it made me wonder who this city really is and if there’s a place for me in it.”

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This is the story that has already been recognized in many festivals such as SXSW Special Jury AwardAnd the Student Award from the National Board of Review s New York University Film Alumni Wasserman / King Prize, among other things.

Chug Boys of Summer from Max Walker Silverman On vimeo.

The actors who starred in the story were Yak AloxAnd the Juan Marcos GomezAnd the Felipe JorgeAnd the Pedro LucasAnd the Daniel Ordonez s bellinito.

The script was written by Marcos Ordonez and Max Walker Silverman.

* With information from NPR

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