FIFA Women’s World Cup: Colombia Participations

Colombia will play for the third time in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and is looking for a historic participation.

In Australia and New Zealand, the Colombian women’s football team will play the Women’s World Cup for the third time in history in the nine editions held, including this edition in 2023. The history of the national team is not very long, but it has recorded milestones in Colombian women’s football.

For the World Cup held in Germany in 2011, the Colombian national team achieved a historic qualification for the Senior World Cup for the first time. Colombia achieved the quota thanks to the sub-title of the South American Championship held in Ecuador in 2010 and won by Brazil.

In the 2011 World Cup, only 16 teams participated, and only Brazil and Colombia got their share of CONMEBOL. The tricolor was in Group C with Sweden, the United States and North Korea. In the group stage, Colombia finished last, without a win and with only one point thanks to a goalless draw with North Korea. The national team did not score goals and conceded four.

Colombian coach Ricardo Ruzo from Bogota and players such as Natalia Gaitan, Yureli Rincon, Catalina Usmi and Daniela Montoya stood out in the squad. Among this list of players, in connection with the 2023 World Cup, there are five players who repeat the call.

Photo: Colombian Football Federation

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Colombia returned to the Senior World Cup finals for Canada in 2015, thanks to the share it reached in the 2014 Women’s America’s Cup held in Ecuador and won by Brazil and the sub-title of the Tricolor.

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Colombia came in Group F alongside France, England and Mexico, and ranked third with four points. History indicates that the first goal for Colombia in the World Cup for adults was scored by Daniela Montoya in the 82nd minute in a 1-1 draw with Mexico in the first date of the group stage. The first victory in the World Cup was against France, and it was considered a surprising victory, with two goals from Lady Andrade and Catalina Osmi. Colombia passed as one of the best third sides and lost in the Round of 16 2-0 with the United States, who would be the champions of that World Cup.


The coach of this team was Fabian Taborda, and players such as Ingrid Vidal, Natalia Gaetan, Tatiana Ariza, Daniela Montoya, Catalina Usmi and Eureli Rincon stood out in the squad.

In the Senior World Cup finals, Colombia have played seven matches so far and have a record of one win, two draws and four defeats. Tricolor conceded nine goals and scored four.

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