Chevette expects Sunday “a good practice of democracy in Navarre”

Pamplona, ​​July 23 (EFE). – The President of Navarre and General Secretary of PSN, María Chevette, said in Milagro, where she accompanied congressional candidate Santos Serdán to the vote, that she hopes this day will be “a good exercise for democracy in Navarre”.

Shevitt wished “the day would pass normally” and noted that “the information we have on today’s opening is that all polling stations were set up without any problem.”

The socialist leader hoped, in statements to the media, that “there will be a large participation, because that gives legitimacy to all the elected people.”

She commented, “I’m sure it’s going to be a good day for everyone.”

For his part, Cerdan showed himself convinced “that citizens will exercise their voice, there will be a great turnout and we will show that this is a democratic country that believes in its institutions.”

After exercising his right to vote in Milagro, a town in Navarrese that celebrates a youth festival this Sunday, the candidate and secretary of the Socialist Socialist Party organization will travel to Madrid to spend Election Day at the Ferraz headquarters. EFE


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