FIBA World Cup 2023: USA – Canada Live

Good morning and welcome to the broadcast of the match between the United States and Canada for third and fourth place in the World Cup!! For many, that’s the difference They will fight for goldbut Serbia and Germany It proved untreatable. American teams want to round out A.J Irregular tournament (more those of Kerr than those of Jordi Fernández), with the third metal on the podium.

Looking back, Canada couldn’t handle it superiority From Serbia. That Besicalthough there are no famous players like them Jokic, Mesic, Kalinic, Bjelica or Smilajic, He gave a lesson in team play and showed why the Balkans always come compete This sport. There was little that Jordi Fernandez’s men could do against them Bogdan Bogdanovic and Milutinovwho were the leaders of the indisputable victory.

For its part, the United States was unable to defeat Germany. Kerr, pOr below in many meetingThey put pressure in the last minutes, but the effectiveness and confidence were… Unparalleled energy and effort of the Germans deprived them of the fight for gold which would be at 2:30 p.m. Another disappointment, again He won’t get first place As it actually happened in World Cup China (2019), Where Spain became champion and they lost In the quarter-finals against France.

Perhaps the most beautiful individual and name duel in the entire World Cup. a path Full of talent and NBA players. Canada is playing The first medal in its historyWhile the United States wants The irregular tournament is formed so thatWhat he did. Everything is ready for the match for him Third and fourth placeEveryone is ready to find out who will get the bronze medal in this intercontinental championship, which left many surprises.

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