Famous characters from the saga will come to the game

There aren’t many details about the collaboration yet, but we’ll have more news in the coming weeks.

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Garena, the studio responsible for free fire, just announced cooperation Among the famous royale royale on mobile and Doctrine killer, one of the most famous franchises of Ubisoft Studio. Although there is no trailer or details yet for what is being prepared with this alliance, Garena promises that there will be content that will spark community interest.

Collaboration will come to the game in MarchThis will be the first collaboration the game gets in 2022, and from the little that Garena has revealed regarding this alliance with Ubisoft, we know it will be a “unique experience” and that we’ll see many more. Notable Persons From Assassin’s Creed in Free Fire. Outside of this information, we only have the promotional image to start forming theories.

free fire picture

We won’t see cooperation until a month March, but more details on this topic will come in Next weeksGarena confirmed. Meanwhile, the studio invites players to take a look at their social networks –Facebook social networking siteAnd InstagramAnd Youtube– To keep abreast of all the news related to this initiative.

This is not the first collaboration that Free Fire has offered. In fact, it is something that is beginning to be considered usual Alliance with artist J Balvin One of the newest that the players enjoyed. In it, the community had a chance to collect Ways A limited edition, which is something we’ll likely see again with the Ubisoft saga.

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