Fact finding: Is the Covid-19 vaccine to blame for hepatitis outbreaks in children? Did the New York Times reveal that people who are not immunized have lower infection rates and fewer hospitalizations?

due to increased acute idiopathic hepatitis in children, Trading started on Telegram Newspaper article titled: “A Pfizer study indicates that the Covid-19 vaccine He is responsible for the massive increase in hepatitis among children.”

this is not true. to me UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA, for its English acronym), none of the children with this disease have been vaccinated.

The study in question was conducted in liver cancer cells under laboratory conditions and its results cannot be extrapolated to the cells of living organisms, according to its authors.

Beatrice Arteaga, Principal of the Technical School of Nursing of Higher Level University of the Americasnotes that Does not exist and does not exist That scientific evidence can support or describe about hepatitis and childhood vaccinations. “This new disease is still very recent, and its origin is still being studied, which is still unknown with less than 200 cases globally, ranging in age from the first year of life to 16 years, with approximately 10% of cases required a liver transplant.”

until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States issued this disease as a health alert network, given its scope. However, it was the World Health Organization itself that denied the possibility of the association of these two events (vaccination and hepatitis)”, adds Arteaga.

Pfizer’s vaccine, widely reported on social media, “It does not represent any danger, and it has no liver toxicity,” Establishes the Academic University of the Americas.

A photo has been shared on social networks Ensuring that the New York Times acknowledged that unvaccinated people had “lower infection and hospitalization rates” from Covid-19 than vaccinated people. Image obtained from National Pulse websiteAnd This is guaranteed in relation to people who have previously contracted the virus.

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Although it is true that the New York Times reported that a study found that a previous infection with Covid-19 provided more protection than vaccination alone against the delta variant, the publication distorts the facts, omitting that the same media ensure that this is not applied. Of all the variables, this vaccination is still the best strategy, since Infection carries many risks.

Arteaga asserts that it is wrong. “This arose from a section of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, which left out portions of the full publication.”

I stress the importance of vaccination and keeping up with booster doses. “You are 12 times more likely to enter the ICU and die.”when one is not vaccinated against their own,” Arteaga explains.

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