EXP Metaverse sets the schedule for business

More than 83 thousand real estate agents in the world and almost a thousand in Mexico are already part of metaverse Created by platform XP So that it is through efficiency and savings in real time and from anywhere Business of real estate an act who’s great Table virtual.

specific group He had the opportunity to enter A virtual world from the hand Ismael Gonzalez, National Director of EXP Mexicoand with symbol picture Created for us to experience banding for Metaverse Corporation.

experience and capabilities a programin The first stagewho works, we are starting to welcome him Virtual work team of information with all the offers given in this virtual world: managers, Training coursesfinancial, tax matterswallet from real estate offer s legal, Among other things.

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EXP joins the list of real estate issuers with its metaverse

In our wake, others Personalities real through Gods Crossed the road, together Scheduled appointments To meet peers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Portugal, South Africa, Puerto Rico, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Panama, Israel, Colombia, Chile and Dubai, among other countries where EXP is located.

Others were on their way or were in Scheduled classes for training courses, Modernization also certificate Introduction of real estate agents Tools To view Safety for your prospects and clients.

meet too specialists in technology and in luggage more than 3 thousand 700 properties offered by the company in Mexico, which they added to global operations to contribute to a 73 percent increase in Revenues; The Gross profit It rose 56 percent to $83.5 million, and Net profit An increase of 83 percent with 8.9 million dollar born on a global scale.

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González explained to us during the tour that they are developing a The next phase From your virtual world, with near-real improvements in saving Legal documents to terminate operations, for example; Features Participant special physical lifestyle And the Inclusive.

Later, the manager said, there will be metaverse to Usersso that they have experience and can do so Ending the acquisition of its property with all guarantees and commitment from the real world. “If you are looking for a property, customers will be able to visit several portfolio options on the same day without Should move to the placewith time saving s costs Has bad reputation”.

Metaverse is a file profitable factImprovable, efficient and committed to the benefit of dealers and users who need a raise or guarantee capital gains From legacy What do they want.

At the end of the tour we entered a Meeting Room Dynamic presents itself as a forum for several dozen people as tables to interact with another or several avatars of agents in remote locations, as well as Screen sharing and presentations that help further achieve specific business objectives.

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