Euro 2021: Elizabeth II and football: goalkeeper steps, coronation and 1953 FA Cup, hands Moore, Cesc…

DrSince yesterday you can book to visit the gardens Buckingham Palace. For the first time in her nearly 70-year reign, she became Queen Isabel II Authorized public outings at the residence of the British monarchy. Of course, among the bananas planted and named in honor of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, you will not be able to play football. It is one of the prohibitions that those who book a guided tour are warned about.

Ball was played in more than 16 hectares of the park. Including the current queen? “During the holidays, Christmas and New Year’s at Sandringham and most of the summer holidays at Balmoral, the whole family played football, and the little Queen was working as a goalkeeper.” This is how he tells it Robert Jobson, a journalist specializing in the British Royal House. From the palace neither confirm nor deny. “We don’t appreciate these issues.”


First contact with football Elizabeth Alexandra Marie (London, April 21, 1926) as a representative of Windsor It was in Baltimore, United States. He was not in a sports match invented by his country.

In October 1957, Isabel II and the Prince Philip They made their first official visit to the United States. During her stay in Washington, the Queen attended a state dinner at the White House and requested the opportunity to watch a live football match. On the 19th, the royal couple saw Maryland win 21-7 in Bird Stadium From a specially erected box for them. The contender was North Carolina’s Tar Heels.

Coronation and the FA Cup

Elizabeth II became Queen of the Empire on February 6, 1952 while traveling Australia, New Zealand and Kenya. The coronation was postponed until 2 May of the following year. The purchase of television sets soared in the UK to see how the crown fell on young Elizabeth. But many expected to buy the TV.

Because on May 2, at Wembley, the FA Cup final was played between Blackpool Bolton Wanderers (4-2). The massive sale of television sets before the coronation made it fit with the first mass event, followed by television.

Bobby Moore’s hand

At 95 years old, 69 of whom are at the head of the British royal family, Elizabeth II will not be in the final tomorrow Wembley. Still present in public life, last Wednesday he visited the studios where Coronation Streer, the world’s oldest television series that began on December 9, 1960, was filmed.

from the hand Isabel IIAnd the President For English, he got Bobby Moore Jules Rimet Trophy on July 30, 1966. For nearly 55 years since that moment, she has been only one of the glory of the Three Lions’ selection. “I looked at my hands. They were dirty!” mor. To make sure she didn’t get the Queen’s pure white gloves dirty when she handed her the cup, she hastily cleaned them up.

The Queen of England discovers a picture of her through video

Thirty years later, Isabel II was already 70 years old, presiding over the last selections in Wembley. I was expecting England to be there, but Germany blocked it. The Germans, who took the runner-up medal in 1966, won their third European Championship after beating the Czech Republic in the final, and the English in the semi-finals.

Windsor and football

The religion that football represents to the English includes their kings as well. Everton was the first stadium to visit the Royal. On July 13, 1913, George V and Queen Mary Attended a student meeting with 60,000 people in the stands.

Cesc and the Queen

Which football team is Isabel 2 for? Nobody knows the answer. They say his heart is divided between him and him West Ham And Arsenal.

After a visit from Arsenal to BOckingham Palace In 2007, Cesc revealed that he was talking to the Queen of Football, Spain and Juan Carlos I. “She is a big fan of Arsenal,” the Spaniard said.

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