New option to choose the quality of sending photos and videos

Messaging app The WhatsApp It is currently working on a new functionality that it will allow its users to use Send photos and videos in high quality to the current.

This was announced on Friday by specialist website WABetaInfo, which warned of the functionality in the latest beta versions of WhatsApp for mobile phones. Android ( and, although this novelty is currently under development.

So far, photos and videos have been sent via WhatsApp Auto Compress, so there may be certain content lose quality Compared to the original file, but this way the delivery is faster.

With the new functionality, as demonstrated by the specialized website WABetaInfo, users will be able to choose between Three different options In the storage and data settings, about the quality of videos and photos shared in chats.

The first is automatic, which is recommended by the application, while the second allows sending the contents “with the best quality” and the last to activate “data saving”.

The app explains in the same functionality under development that by choosing the best quality, “images (or videos, if any) are heavier and may take longer to send.”

Photos and videos that get deleted automatically

In terms of photos and videos specifically, WhatsApp messaging has started testing the new functionality It allows you to send this type of file and that Automatically delete.

This functionality, which was publicly confirmed by the CEO of Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, in early June along with multi-device support, includes New Temporary Message Mode, with which you can send ephemeral photos and videos that disappear after watching them.

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At the end of June, as the specialized portal WABetaInfo also warned, the function became available to users WhatsApp latest beta version For Android, version

The feature, known as “view once,” appears to users when they select a photo or video to share, and appears as a button with a single number icon next to the green send arrow.

Temporary photos and videos will also arrive on WhatsApp.

When sending photos or videos using the “View Once” function, the receiver can only view them once and close them delete them. In addition, the user who sends it receives a notification when the file is opened, and can see it in the message information when it is sent by the group.

If the user disables the double blue read flag, they will not be able to see if the receiver has opened a glance image that was sent to them. However, you can see in groups when other members have opened this type of content.

WhatsApp does not currently have protection measures that prevent screenshots from being taken when viewing ephemeral content. These files can be accessed by blocked contacts in groups.

Although at the moment the functionality is only activated for some users of the latest beta version of WhatsApp on Android and not in the stable app, the rest of the people with previous versions of the app who receive ephemeral images will also be able to see them only once.


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