Engaged and “spotless” princess

Ninety-six-year-old Queen Elizabeth, although she does not intend to take a step back in favor of the new generations, has no doubts about her immediate successors. Although there have been several times it has been speculated that Prince William took precedence over his father, this is not something the King would think of. Moreover, the king’s latest revelations regarding her daughter-in-law, Camilla ParkerHe made clear the Queen’s support for her eldest son and the confidence that she would know how to safely maintain a clay-footed foundation.

Princess Anne poses for a photo. / J Teres

Much has been said that when the time comes, Prince Charles intends to carry out an extensive and deep overhaul of the structure of the crown. Changes that, so far, have not received official confirmation but will be in line with the lines of “La Firma” reduction to a minimum exponent. This means that only senior members of the royal family exercise representation duties, which means that, in the latter case, only Prince of Wales The Duke of Cambridge and his family play a major and paid role. If this happens, characters like Prince Andrew – which would be positive -, but also Earls of Wessex or Princess Anne. In the case of the latter specifically, her commitment to the institution is perhaps the most intense in the Windsor family.

Princess Anne in an official act. / J Teres

At the gates of her seventy-second birthday, it can be said, without making any mistakes, that the Princess Royal is one of the strongholds of the British monarchy. sister Charles England Not only has she shown her sense of duty and her connection to the institution, but in addition to being the most serious worker, she is the only one whose profile is flawless – with respect to members of the royal family. -.

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For a long time, Anna has been the owner with the most commitments on her agenda, even above Prince Charles, although she knows her role is secondary. She has always been well aware of her place, and what’s more, she was a pioneer in asking the Queen that her children not bear titles, to allow them to lead a normal life. A position that contrasts, for example, with that of Prince Andrew, who was more than insistent not only that his daughters are princesses, but also that they have a leading role in the structure of the royal family. A detail that did not materialize, despite his insistence, at the express wish of Prince Charles.

The Princess with the Duke of Edinburgh. / J Teres

Such is the Princess’s commitment to the Crown that she does not hesitate to take on roles that, in principle, she should not correspond to, as when it was announced that she would replace Prince Harry as head of the Royal Navy. Beyond that, the truth is that Anna isn’t as close as she might be Kate Middleton Or the Countess of Wessex, but she deeply understood her role and the importance of ensuring the survival of the institution.

An elusive character often associated with that of the Duke of Edinburgh, who was her favourite. Moreover, Prince Philip himself used to joke about his daughter’s somewhat rude temperament, even going so far as to say that he was only interested in animals, and that men or romantic relationships were something that was in the background for her.

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