EMPSA has successfully completed the exchange of negotiable commitments

Technology and Infrastructure Corporation Embsa Completion of the exchange of current banknotes and delivery of new banknotes to holders Negotiable commitments Seventh classissued under the company’s global program for the issuance of tradable liabilities.

New special negotiable obligations under the APE have been made available to counterparty creditors and new loan contracts have been signed with Export Development Canada (EDC), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Interamericana de Identified Inversiones, which replaces Loans with these entities reached by APE, the company through a statement.

In turn, the company signed new loan contracts with Export Development Canada, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Inter-American Investment Corporation, which replace the loans with these entities that APE obtained. Progress is also being made with the remaining creditors under bilateral loans (Banco Hipotecario SA and Corporacin Andina de Fomento) on the necessary steps to move forward with their signature in the coming days.

Finally, the company has prepared and sent to the custodian of the international bonds listed in APE the documents regarding the process of replacing them with the new international bonds, estimating that the actual launch of the exchange will take place in the coming weeks.

In this way, the company has begun the process of final implementation and fulfillment of its obligations under the APE, and in this way, it continues to progress in achieving each of the expected stages in the plan to restructure its capital structure, highlighted Fabien DielloRelationship Manager with Empsa Markets.

Only seven months after it was capitalized, Impsa is making progress on the path in which it has begun to successfully restore its production and technological potential and compete once again in projects around the world.

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On June 6, the company received capital of 15 million US dollars from the national state and another 5 million US dollars from the Mendoza government to rebuild its working capital, strengthen its operations in Argentina and return to competition in the markets. International, as a “strategic company for national development”.

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