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Prince Harry said he wants to work with ‘normal people’ in 2015

The Duke of Sussex made headlines this week after appearing to encourage people to quit their jobs if they are not happy. His comments came during a question-and-answer session with Fast Company business magazine. Speaking about his role as director of impact for mental health firm BetterUp, Prince said: “Actually, I found out recently, courtesy of [BetterUp science board member] Adam Grant, that a lot of the resignations you mention aren’t all bad.

“In fact, it is a sign that there is a need for change with self-awareness.

“So many people around the world have been trapped in jobs that didn’t bring them happiness, and now they put their mental health and happiness first.

“This is something to celebrate.”

He added that the world was at the beginning of a “mental health awakening”.

Prince Harry – The Duke has previously said he wants to work with ‘regular people’ and earn a ‘salary’ (Image: GETTY/Sky News)

Fame: The couple built something of a celebrity in the US (Image: GETTY)

Harry resigned from his role as a leading member of the royal family last year and quickly settled into various private sector jobs, including BetterUp, as well as a position at his and Meghan Markle’s charitable foundation, Archewell.

This isn’t the first time she’s commented on the world of work.

While carrying out his royal duties during his visit to New Zealand in 2015, Harry was asked what “path” he intends to follow after his life in the military.

Hence he said he was keen to earn a “salary” and work with “ordinary people”.

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He said: “There are a few things on the shortlist, but I don’t want to speculate because I know what people are like.

“But William and I, both of us, feel we also need a salary, to work with ordinary people, to stay sane, to keep working.

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Sky News: Harry gave the interview in 2015 while on tour in New Zealand.

Sky News: Harry gave the interview in 2015 while on tour in New Zealand (Image: Sky News)

“And also, certainly in the future, if we want to make a significant contribution, or a valid contribution to be taken seriously, we have to work with other people.”

In an opinion piece for The Guardian at the time, writer Joan Smith responded to Prince’s comments, asking if he really wanted to earn a “salary” like “ordinary people”.

She wrote: “Harry says he’d like to work with some of these regular people, probably to give him a break from his degrees.”

“Most parents hope in the future to have a boy or a girl, but he belongs to a family in which the news of the birth is greeted with the following words:“ She is a princess! “

It is clear that Harry would also like to try to earn a ‘salary’, although he did not specify if he meant ‘the minimum’.

“London is expensive and you might find it difficult to keep an apartment in Kensington Palace for £6.50 an hour.”

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Military: The interview took place after his service in the army.

Army: The interview took place after his service in the army (Image: GETTY)

Special Duties: Harry has held a number of jobs in the private sector.

Special roles: Harry has landed a number of jobs in the private sector (Image: GETTY)

In a sense, Harry moved to work “with ordinary people.”

However, their salaries are likely to be much higher than those of those who work in “regular” jobs.

He and Meghan secured what is believed to be a £109m contract with Netflix to produce original content in 2020.

They also struck a £36m deal with Spotify in December 2020 to produce the Archewell Audio podcast, which, at the time of writing, has produced only one 33-minute episode.

Netflix: You are currently working on your documentary

Netflix: He is currently working on his ‘Heart of Invictus’ documentary for Netflix (Image: GETTY)

Similarly, the couple has not released any original documentaries on Netflix.

However, they are in the process of creating the shows, with Harry working on “The Heart of Invictus”, while Meghan is busy with her cartoon series “Pearl”.

In response to Harry’s comments about people leaving their jobs, Richard Wilkins, host of Today Show Australia, called the Duke’s words “a bit rich”.

She said: ‘Prince Harry has come under fire again after saying that leaving his job can bring joy and should be celebrated.

Prince William: A picture of Harry with his brother during his last visit to the UK in July

Prince William – Harry is pictured with his brother during his last visit to the UK in July (Image: GETTY)

“This tip is from someone you know, who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion with a Netflix contract and all that, it’s kind of rich, isn’t it? How about?”

However, others have received your suggestion more favorably.

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The Times published accounts of five people who quit their jobs for a good purpose, in an article titled: “Prince Harry is right. If you hate your job, quit, you did.”

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