Elon Musk Donation of $ 100 Million: What’s the Purpose?

After a joint mission with NASA, Elon MuskCompany founder Space x He had a new drive in his life that he used to become the richest person in the world and allow himself to provide Donate $ 100 Million USD For those who face the challenge, who will provide more details “next week”.

Elon Musk outdid Amazon creator Jeff Bezos on Bloomberg’s list of the people with the most money, but his lack of presence at the top prevented him from sparking new controversy: Criticize WhatsApp’s new policies and cause a small company called Signal to get standard quotes with just one tweet.

This time, the billionaire proposes a challenge to award a winner for $ 100 Million US Dollars Which seems to have remained from its nearly infinite vaults. But the goal to be surpassed is one of the most important questions of this century.

How do you get $ 100 million from Elon Musk?

Mountain of money Whoever designs the best technology will capture carbon from the atmosphere, Which is necessary to stop the planet’s climate change that is going through and getting worse permanently, with 2020 being the hottest year in history.

The billionaire posted on his Twitter account: Donate $ 100 million for the Best Carbon Capture Technology AwardAnd he promised to give more details next week, as you will know the rules and conditions for participating in this huge donation that almost became a competition.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) stated that it requires Strong increase in the deployment of carbon capture technology So that different countries can achieve the net zero emissions target, which is the target proposed in Paris AgreementTo which the United States returned with administration Joe Biden.

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